Before there was “Shark Tank” there was “Dragon’s Den”.  We go back to the ROOTS of the original (at least of this decade anyway) that started a WORLDWIDE phenomenon of BUSINESS REALITY Shows.  If you think the SHARKS are tough, wait till you hear how the DRAGONS critique contestants!

Next, we have a FANTASITIC interview with the founder of Echo Valley Meats, Dave Alwan.  Dave appeared on the show Shark Tank, not once, but TWICE, and has loads of insight to share with us from his experiences!  LISTEN TO THIS INTERVIEW…we don’t want to spoil it!

Lastly, on MAKIN’ IT or BREAKIN’ IT, we debate the TRUE VALUE of TRAINING for Employees.  We can all AGREE that EDUCATION is valuable, for all ages and career phases.  ALWAYS be a LEARNER!  But do some employees take advantage of “training” as a time to slack off, or perhaps blame their lack of additional employer-provided training as an excuse for their less than stellar performance?


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