We start off our segments today by reflecting on AMC’s hit show Mad Men, and what it did for the entertainment industry, as well as the advertising industry.  MANY valuable lessons can be gleaned from this show, whether you are a business owner, in the advertising industry, or ANYONE on the climb MAKIN’ IT!

We had the opportunity to interview Chris Jamison from THE VOICE this past week.  Chris came in 3rd place on the show in 2014 with the help of star Adam Levine.  GO #TeamAdam!  Chris shares with us the importance of having an online presence in today’s world, and how the market has changed since the time of CDs and cassette tapes.

And finally, on MAKIN’ IT or BREAKIN’ IT, we discuss the controversial strategy that more and more NBA teams are employing of resting star players during the regular season.  But is this really fair to fans who pay good money presumably to come see them play?


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