Business Reality Shows have become a very popular television genre over the past decade.  Comedy Central is riding this wave as well, putting their own unique twist on this topic, with the show ‘Nathan for You’.  We discuss the setup and premise of this series in detail on our show, but as a brief summary, let’s just say that we can ALL agree that this show is able to combine some very brash business advice (that may however be impossible to execute…) with comedic timing that left us all laughing, scratching out heads, and pondering the logical seeds of truth that Nathan sows to these business owners.

Our guest in the studio today is Emmet Apolinario from Sunbelt Business Brokers Columbus.  Emmet shares his insight into the current state of the Business Economy, and how one could best capitalize on the opportunities that are currently present.

Lastly, we speculate on what industry the next economic bubble to burst may be in.


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