IMG_1646Topics discussed today start with privacy laws in the workplace, and more specifically, should employers have the right to monitor an employee’s personal communications while they’re on the clock, and can that activity be grounds for termination.  We look at this situation from both the employer’s and employee’s perspectives, and address loss of revenue from low productivity vs. First Amendment Rights.

Guest Entrepreneur Lance Perry joins us to share how his background in the military, professional racing, Jiu Jitsu, and training NFL + other professional athletes, led to the initial idea and collaboration for NEW business venture Full Speed Fitness. []  Plus, the REALITY of what it actually takes to turn an idea into a 5 year business plan.

Then we discuss the differences between and different situations where it’s advantageous to build a business vs. a personal brand. In the business world today, YOU ARE YOUR BRAND, whether you realize it or not. In certain businesses it can be most useful as a marketing tool to care YOURSELF as the persona of the BRAND over to your company’s image. However in other types of businesses, it may not make sense, or you may want more of a privacy shield separating your personal life.  So we discuss, as our MAKIN’ IT or BREAKIN’ IT segment of the day.

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