The CEO of Viacom, 93-year old Sumner Redstone, is worth $5.1 billion dollars…and many people want to dig their hand in his cookie jar. Currently, there is a volleying of cases being played out between his estranged companion and his granddaughter. And of course there are board members of his business trying to stake their claims and take control of his empire as well.

Next we discuss Beverly Hills’ $1 Billion “Vineyard” and the bizarre story behind this magnificent real estate trophy.

TONY HSIEH zapposDid you know that CEO of Zappos, Tony Hsieh, lives in an Air Stream trailer park in downtown Las Vegas…he finds “expensive living quarters too private” for his liking. His current net worth is $840 million. Tommy + Todd discuss THIS and other unique lesser-known facts about Tony that have helped him to shape the culture of Zappos.

On MAKIN’ IT or BREAKIN’ IT: What are the “new rules” on tipping 2016…should you still abide by “political correctness” and tip mediocre or bad service?

Thanks for listening to another great show + keep MAKIN’ IT!

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