amazon-prime-airAmazon just recently announced that they will be leasing ‘PRIME AIR’ branded cargo planes as part of their expansion plans to (once again) take delivery to a whole new level. As part of their ever-improving infrastructure, Amazon took the step to lease their own fleet of cargo planes to speed up delivery of goods from one distribution center to the other. This move coincides with their future plans for their PRIME AIR service, which will be using drones to then deliver the products from local distribution warehouses to customers. How much more futuristic can we get?!

Next, we commend U.S. gymnast Simone Biles not only for her gold medals in the recent RIO OLYMPICS, but now she’s been awarded her own feature cereal box. No, it’s not the signature “Wheaties Box” that has signified the height of (athletic) accomplishment over the past few decades. Simone is setting a new trend with Special K.

Tommy + Todd get into a DEEP conversation on the subject of obsolescence today. This is a concern that EVERYONE has and will continue to struggle with in their careers and lives, whether you’re the head honcho or not! The concept of “obsolescence” is not only something that business owners and leading executives have to deal with, but employees of all levels must constantly be re-evaluating the changing state of their professions and industries as evolution through innovation continues to accelerate.

Lastly, on MAKIN’ IT or BREAKIN’ IT, when starting a business (with debt), is it preferable to use a credit card or (when possible) take on a family loan?

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