Television has experienced many “game changers” especially over the past decade. And now it seems as though ALL the players, from Netflix to HBO to the major networks, are competing for QUALITY programming. Just a few years ago, the focus of the game was on QUANTITY. But now, everyone is competing for EYE SHARE from viewers who are all but drowning in a sea of over-saturation. In true biological fashion, “survival of the fittest” is at play here, and the invisible hand is showing what consumers really value. The businesses behind “show business” are having to adapt to keep up or they will inevitably die off.

Our MAKIN’ IT behind-the-scenes Success Story today is on the UFC. Most people are familiar today with the UFC, what it is, and can even recognize some of its popular stars. But FEW know how it actually got started, and how many people thought it would never make it!

Finally, we examine the clashing economic and ethical factors of selling the controversial Confederate flag. We look at it first from the economic principle of supply and demand, but also examine ethical and social complications that it has evoked of recent.

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