Today on MAKIN IT, we review the downfall of Trump’s Atlantic City Taj Mahal Casino. The closure (just after Labor Day) cost about 3,000 workers their jobs, after it was the victim of the longest strike in Atlantic City’s 38-year casino era. The casino that was opened in 1990 by President-elect Donald Trump is now owned by his friend and fellow billionaire Carl Icahn.

Next, we get into the details of what Verizon gets in its $4.8 billion Yahoo purchase. What it a smart move or will it become a (very) costly mistake.

This week our Success Story Profile on MAKIN’ IT features Steve Wynn, and Tommy + Todd discuss in depth how he made it and what we can all learn from his story to help us make it.

Finally, on MAKIN’ IT or BREAKIN’ IT, can Subway ever fully recover from the Jared controversy? What did they do RIGHT in handling the situation, and was that enough to repair the damage through association?

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