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Thanks for listening to Makin’ It. On this week’s episode, we feature part one of The Best of Makin’ It where we include some of Tommy and Todd’s favorite clips of past shows. Let us know what you think of the show in the comments section at the bottom of the page!

Are you ready for the best of the best?

The first clip takes a look back at the changing face of television and how the internet has changed people’s television viewing behaviors. Tommy, Todd and Brittany discuss how the quality of television is now dictating the current trends of television and how the internet is driving how people watch television. Networks are competing for quality television because there are so many choices, and they are adapting to people’s desire to watch television how they please, not as people used to watch by scheduling their nights around television shows.

The next clip is when the gang talked about the messy financial business behind show business. Taking a look at Simon Fuller who was suing Core Media Group for $10 million after the fall of “American Idol” and their bankruptcy filing. Fuller felt he was owed his money because he felt Core Media Group was hiding assets in order to not pay.

In the next show highlight, Tommy, Todd and Brittany discuss the failure stories of successful people such as Michael Jordan and Steve Jobs. One of the hardest things for people is failure, but failure is part of the success formula for every successful person. The episode showed how people aren’t always who they are now at the beginning of their journey to success and, many times at the beginning, there was a failure.

Next up, a short show highlight shows how Zappos under-promises slightly so they can really over deliver. Zappos will often say they will take two days to deliver their products, but then they deliver it in one. They can achieve this because they are located in Las Vegas where many shoe suppliers are operating.

In the next clip, Tommy, Todd and Brittany examine how politics can affect business on different levels. The first way is that lawmakers can affect a business’s ability to operate, such as the recent shut down of ITT Technical Institute when the government pulled their funding or how senators often have to take action because of voters’ demands. However, office politics can also disrupt a business by creating culture where employees are more focused on pleasing the boss than they are performance.

The next Makin’ It highlight features the business of show business and the evolution of reality television. The popularity of reality television poses the question: is there a market for talented, schooled actors anymore? Because the talent for reality television is low-cost with a high return, networks have eaten it up. Reality television caters to the fame obsessed and voyeuristic culture we live in. And, the formula shows like “Survivor” put out has proven to be successful for other shows, such as “Apprentice.”

In the next clip, we take a look at a story about Tony Robbins and the success lesson he learned while being taught how to golf. After hiring an instructor, Robbins was frustrated when his teacher told him it was normal to hit a few balls in the water. Robbins grew upset with his instructor, telling him he was a horrible teacher because hitting balls in the water was not normal, and he wasn’t showing him what to do. So, the instructor showed Robbins where he was going wrong, and that he was merely 1% off from where he should have been hitting the ball. The lesson Robbins took away was that usually with success, you are merely 1% off from your goal.

In the next highlight, Tommy, Todd and Brittany take a look at the lifestyle, personality and temperament of the entrepreneur and also acknowledge the woman behind this man and how she is typically a business partner as well as a life partner. Taking a look at Las Vegas Casino owner, Steve Wynn, his work ethic and his wives played integral roles toward his success. Many successful men in business marry like-minded women because it’s such an extreme lifestyle. But how are small business owners similar and different to entrepreneurs like Wynn? Small business owners typically have the drive to be different, independent and have a desire to make their own way, like their big business counterparts. The key difference between them is the size of their ambition.

In the last show highlight in part one of The Best of Makin’ It, Tommy creates his own business sales category of B2A. In the business world, you are either selling Business to Business (B2B) or Business to Customer (B2C). While the majority of businesses are B2B, the B2C format remains a bit more pure. However, Tommy advocates the Business to Anyone (B2A) model, as he has shown with his new book “The Way of the Rich,” which can be purchased from,, and

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