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Thanks for listening to Makin’ It. On this week’s episode, on Show Buzz, Tommy, Todd and Brittany take a look at “Narcos.” On The Fix, they discuss Target’s recent slip in profitability. Also this week on The Danger Report, the gang talks about Alaska Airlines’ intentions for Virgin America. Finally, on Makin’ It or Breakin’ it, the gang poses the question: How critical are personal values in the workplace? Let us know what you think of the show in the comments section at the bottom of the page!

We just hit the target! It’s time to start the show!

Show Buzz:

Tommy, Todd and Brittany start the show with Show Buzz, and this week they take a look at the Netflix docudrama “Narcos.” Centered on the Medellin drug cartel, the show details the rise and fall of Pablo Escobar. While centered on illegal drug trade, the show contains some valuable lessons about business and economics.

Criminal enterprises are known for their extraordinary profits. As much as what they are doing is illegal, they are supplying a demand. Like the prohibition era, they are banking on people wanting something they are not allowed to have. But the costs can be just as high, as bribery and murder often accompany the business. So why do drug cartels do it? They are confident that they will make a profit.

Regardless of the show or its economic lessons, drugs remain a terrible scourge to humanity. They ruin lives. And despite the demand, people remain unfulfilled because drugs alter the brain, creating a false sense of ecstasy. The Bible states for the love of money is all evil, and drug dealing itself is done out of a love of money. What do you think of the show “Narcos?” What are the positive and negative aspects American businesses can learn from drug dealers? Let us know in the comments section.

OMG Fact of the Week:
An astronaut can be up to two inches taller when returning from space. The cartilage in the discs in the spine expand in the absence of gravity.

The Fix:

In the next edition of The Fix, Tommy, Todd and Brittany discuss Target’s recent 1.5-percent slip in profitability. While the slip looks like Target is losing business, their losses may not be as critical as it seems. Target recently sold its pharmacy business to CVS for $1.9 billion, losing their pharmacy revenue. Additionally, they sold several stores in Canada and aren’t selling as many Apple products. Moreover, sales have dropped due to a struggle to keep fresh groceries in stock and competition from Amazon with their fashion department. Finally, Target may have caused some controversy with its transgender bathroom policy having customers spend money elsewhere.

While Target is already beefing up its online presence to compete with Amazon, it could also benefit from reducing some square footage in its stores, creating some special concept stores, and from adding more private label products. These things should get Target back on track with its sales. What do you think is the reason Target has had a decline in sales? What do you think will get them back on track? What makes Target different from Walmart? Let us know in the comments section.

The Danger Report:

In 2016, Alaska Airlines announced it had purchased Virgin America Airlines, making it the fifth largest airline company in the United States. However, Alaska Airlines has also stated that they are going to absorb Virgin America Airlines, eliminating the airline altogether. However, Alaska Airlines did promise they will retain much of the flair that accompanies Virgin flights, such as in-flight entertainment, mood lighting and boarding music. What do you think of Alaska Airlines’ decision to absorb Virgin America Airlines? What do you think it will do for the airline industry? Let us know in the comments section.

Makin’ It or Breakin’ It:

Finally, Tommy, Todd and Brittany end the show with the Makin’ It or Breakin’ It segment. This week they ask the question: Are personal values crucial in your career? Personal values are critical to a person’s emotional state. If values are compromised at work, even though a professional stance is always taken, emotions will always alert a person that something is wrong.

Going against personal values is a struggle that can weaken motivation. Moreover, people can only go against themselves for so long. So, working at a job that provides a paycheck but goes against a person’s morals is a short-term solution at best.

Values are innate to all human beings. They affect our choices, reactions and what we want to do for a living. Values are more important than they are given credit. When walking into a business for the first time, a feeling for that company’s values can be immediately seen in the manner of language used, attire worn and whether respect is given. However, if someone works in a job that doesn’t share his values, he will be unhappy working there, often compromising those values.

Compromising values is more than just how much time away from family and for religion is sacrificed. It is more to do with how each day is spent at work. Does a person feel like he is making a difference? Efficient? Leading? Helping the company grow? Productive? So it is important for a worker to ask himself how he wants to spend his time.

In the end, values have to do with self-respect and clarity and provide happiness and peace and help in decision-making. How important to you is maintaining your values at work? How do you ensure you maintain your values at work? What have you done when a job didn’t reflect your values? Let us know in the comments section.

Thanks for tuning in to Makin’ It. Let us know what you think of the show and if you have questions about your business, send us an email at or leave us a comment below. We love to hear from our listeners and we read comments on the air. We just might choose yours for next week’s show (so don’t forget to tune in!).

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