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Starting out as a broke waiter, Jeff Roberti was looking for an opportunity to prove himself. Hungry for his chance, Roberti landed on networking marketing as a part of Juice Plus and has made more than $100 million through hard work and determination. Roberti’s success story is now legendary within the Juice Plus company as well as the network marketing/direct sales industry. And, last year, he was recognized by “Business and Home” magazine as one of the highest earners in the history of the industry.


Early Days

Before Roberti knew he could make millions of dollars, he grew up as the oldest of three boys, and there were always more months than money. When his father passed away shortly after Roberti graduated from high school, Roberti’s destiny became shaped. Having witnessed his father always struggling and juggling to pay the bills, he sought out a path to live the American dream and become his own boss.

With high school as his highest education and, lacking in experience and background, Roberti looked to his exceptional work ethic to fill out his qualifications. And, no matter what he did, he took pride in it and sought out to the best.

Despite his work ethic, Roberti never found the right opportunity for him, always limited by some type of ceiling that forced him to trade dollars for hours. Roberti wanted to become an entrepreneur, earning what he is worth and becoming financially independent. But, he also wanted to make a difference in the world.

So, Roberti took some steps from Zig Ziglar who said: To help enough people get what they want out of life, you’ll have everything you want out of life. And he feels when he got introduced to direct sales at Juice Plus, it was his chance to do just that.


Juice Plus

Roberti started network marketing for Juice Plus in 1987 out of desperation. He needed things to change in his life desperately, and he showed up with his work ethic, his drive and his willingness to learn.

However, discovering Juice Plus was a defining moment for Roberti. He was introduced to the products as a customer first, and he truly came to believe in the product. And, after hearing stories of how others succeeded, he determined they were no better than he was. Through direct sales/network marketing, Roberti saw how average people could earn an above-average income if they were hungry and had an above-average desire. He saw a chance where he could start at the bottom and work his way to the top using sweat equity.

Founded in 1970, Juice Plus’s products are an affordable way people can bridge the gap between the fruits and vegetables they should be getting and the ones they are. Infused in a capsule, organic, vine-ripened fruits and vegetables go through a flash-drying process that turns them to powder.

As a debt-free, privately held company, Juice Plus has made more than $14 billion in sales and is available in 25 countries. Roberti cites the stability of the company to be one of the factors that makes it so successful. And, for Roberti, Juice Plus’s franchise model is not like most. Using their virtual franchise, people don’t need a lot of money to get started because a brick and mortar location is not required.

So, Roberti decided to set forth and lead by example and become the best distributor in his organization.


Network Marketing

Roberti knows that sometimes people aren’t really certain about network marketing because there are a lot of bad companies out there, which is true of any industry. However, he states having a product or service going to the end-customer and basing the compensation plans to that model is crucial. Eighty-percent of Juice Plus’s inventory goes to the customer, not the people involved in the opportunity side of things. Roberti states that if the product is not going to an end-consumer, it is not a true direct sales/network marketing company, and that is where the bad reputations emerge. He believes that taking products and marketing them from one customer to another using word-of-mouth is one of the strongest ways to market anything.


Secret of Success

Roberti’s why has changed over the years. Today, his why is completely out of inspiration to pay it forward to others. He remembers that someone was kind enough to share the direct sales industry with him and how it changed his life. Moreover, Roberti feels it is important to never forget where he came from.

He believes success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure in life, and he wants to be involved with something where he can continually grow as a person, seeing growth and progress equaling happiness. For Roberti, contributing beyond himself allows him to generate spiritual revenue and rich relationships along with love and connection. Adding value to people’s lives is something that is truly rich in the meaning of fulfillment, and he loves seeing new success stories of the people with whom he is working. Roberti doesn’t want to be a selfish person who sits in his ivory tower on the beach because he believes: life is not about me, but about we.

Roberti’s advice to people who want to be successful is that they have to be hungry, which is the foundation that makes them effective. Then, he says, to add a burning desire to work and a willingness to learn. Also, Roberti says to find something to be passionate about and go out into the world, serving others. When it comes to serving others, Roberti quotes the Bible: Find a way to serve the many because serving the many leads to greatness. For Roberti, that is how to build a successful business.


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Laptop screens at Apple stores are open to exactly 70 degrees because they want people to touch the computer, and the 70-degree angle forces them to touch.


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