MAKIN IT pic - episode 2-20-16Coming to you from sunny Tampa, Florida this week, (well SOME of us are in sunny Florida…we’ll let you guess from the pic which ones…lol) we first discuss Mark Cuban’s most recent twitter battle. It’s ‘Shark Tank’ vs. “Y-Combinator’ in this feud + we think we’ve managed to sort out all the madness + motives.

Next we discuss some details of commercial real estate leases that the landlord may not want you to know about, including where your leverage is as the business / tenant.  Moral of the story: be in the know or risk getting the COSTLY short end of the stick!

Then on our MAKIN’ IT or BREAKIN’ IT segment, we discuss the future of LinkedIn + its relevance in creating / promoting “thought leaders”. Is this something you need to get on top of NOW to STAY ON TOP in your industry, or is it another attempt at relevance in this social media obsessed world that still misses the mark?

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