3/12/16 show guest Time KildoqHow much SECURITY does it take to protect Mark Zuckerberg…and why are his neighbors agitated about it? Do you think this is really ENOUGH security to protect someone who has access to so much sensitive data that could be used in such a detrimental way if it got into the wrong hands…

Guest entrepreneur, originally from the streets of 8-Mile in Detroit, Tim Kildow joins us on the show to talk about his greatest mentors, greatest mistakes, and overall greatest lessons that he’s learned from being in business over the years.  This is a TRUE rags to riches story from a classic entrepreneur who just refused to quit no matter how tough things got for him!

Lastly, we discuss the effect of leaving inheritance money to children…what does that do to their personal ambition and drive.  Can this be done in a way that helps flame the fires of ambition rather than dampening them?

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