TOMMY RUNFOLA on makin itWe begin with the question, “Who should society be organized around and why?” This is an age old question, tackled by Machiavelli in “The Prince” and by Ayn Rand in “Atlas Shrugged” – and WE take it in on in our discussion on MAKIN’ IT! We debate WHO society COULD be organized around, if not the entrepreneurs! And WHO believes that society should / could be organized around something else? We tackle this heavy philosophical topic with plenty of conviction to say the least!

Next, we discuss what “work” means to the entrepreneur vs. the masses who just clock in and out. How do you keep that passion driving you and keep OUT the thoughts and influences of negative “average” people who think you are “working too much” just because you are outworking them. How do you keep your motivation FRESH as a go-getter?

And was Frank Sinatra right in saying that the BEST revenge is MASSIVE SUCCESS? How can you use REVENGE as a POSITIVE MOTIVATOR in your quest for personal + business excellence?


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