M sqDid you know that MOST PEOPLE practice GRATITUDE rituals in the WRONG way?  But wait, is that really POSSIBLE?  I mean, isn’t ANY GRATITUDE better than NONE?  Not according to this authority who sparked our conversation on the topic.  She claims that the way most people interpret and try to practice GRATITUDE, actually leads them to feeling WORSE about themselves!!  This one is a little messy, but we hash it out together to come to a conclusion.

Then we have a GREAT email from a listener; he asks, “HOW do I spot a BAD BUSINESS DEAL?”  As the saying goes, “hindsight is always 20/20” and we definitely have our own stories to share that will hopefully help you turn OUR HINDSIGHT into YOUR FORESIGHT!

Then we conclude our show with a CLASSIC DEBATE centered around the topic of “ACHIEVEMENT MOTIVATION.”  How much do we attribute someone’s ACHIEVEMENT to their NATURE vs. their NURTURE?  Many successful entrepreneurs are characterized by the “chip on their shoulder” and use it as one of their primary drivers.  So can we say that in these situations “NEGATIVE NURTURING” actually ended up having a cumulatively POSITIVE effect, due to their STRONG NATURE?  We try to shortcut the psychobabble here and speak more from our own experiences and success stories of people who have MADE IT!


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