M sqDespite the initial reputation “SNAPCHAT” earned thanks to use by the younger demographic, businesses are now finding ways to profitably market to + engage with this younger audience. We outline a few ways you may be able to incorporate SNAPCHAT into your marketing strategy if you are looking to reach this younger target audience.

Guest interview today is with Michele Morin, who has been on tour with major celebrities such as David Copperfield + Taylor Swift. Today however we discuss when it’s time to bring an END to certain things in your life + create the positive change that you really want. Sometimes it’s enough to END a certain type of interaction, without bringing an end to the entire relationship, whether it’s business or personal. We discuss…

For more information on MICHELE MORIN LIFE STRATEGIES, or to work with her as a Life Coach, visit her website

And on that note, we flow into our MAKIN’ IT or BREAKIN’ IT topic for the week: WHEN is it time to leave a “JOB” that’s just not fulfilling? When does “paying the bills” just not make it worth it anymore? This is something that MOST entrepreneurs have struggled with at least once in their life, + the 3 of us speak from our own experience + emotions here as well!

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