What do people think when they first see your profile picture on Facebook or LinkedIn? You may think that your picture is perfectly fine + appropriate…maybe it’s a photo where you’re mountain biking with friends on a recent vacation…or maybe you used one of those apps to make yourself look just oh so perfect! You MAY be communicating a message to people that you don’t intend to! And if that person viewing is a potential employer, then you should know what that profile picture is saying subconsciously about the “you” that you’re projecting?

DAVE TEAR profile picNext we interview an awesome guest, Dave Tear, who has so much experience in the sales industry + we have so many questions for him! Dave Tear, owner of Sales Coaches’ Corner, has been in the sales, sales management & sales training arena for the past 27 years. His passion for selling & helping others understand the sales process is unmatched. – For more information about or to contact Dave for coaching, visit:

We wrap the show by discussing the cost of ambition + what it really takes to get ahead in the current state of the economy + job market, leaving many to question, “is it worth it?”

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