We start out the show today by discuss Apple’s recent comment that the “Founding Fathers Would Be ‘Appalled’ by Government’s iPhone Request” and the issues this raises of national security vs. personal privacy.

Next, Tommy + Todd get into a great conversation about how to deal with TOXIC PEOPLE. For business owners and managers, you definitely want to avoid ever hiring these ‘BAD APPLES’ – but how can you best spot them ahead of time? As an employee, toxic co-workers can not only be a threat to your job, but also your self-esteem and feelings of competency and self-efficacy in your career. CLICK HERE to read more about TOXIC PEOPLE on a recent blog post that Tommy authored. BOTTOM LINE: steer clear of these rotten people!

Finally, on MAKIN IT or BREAKIN IT, we discuss the details of an ‘UBER’ situation that recently went viral. A drunken Executive took an Uber home when he was intoxicated one evening. He was belligerent towards his Uber driver, and then proceeded to get in a fight with him and punch him out. The Uber driver had a camera on his dashboard for security purposes. This video went viral, and consequently, the Exec is suing the Uber driver. There are even more details to this story that make it even more ridiculous – but you’ll have to LISTEN to hear all of the craziness and what we have to say about it!

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