Did Bud Light take it too far in their recent “Up for Whatever” campaign? Was this another case of well-intended marketing gone wrong, or a strategic risk to gain media attention and exposure? If it was in fact the latter, could it be considered a “success” then?

There’s so much discussion occurring, especially as of late, about gun laws and what should / shouldn’t be allowed. What will actually make citizens feel safe? Do we need stricter laws? But where do we draw the line…when does it become an infringement on our rights as United States citizens? And now there’s the issue of guns in the workplace! We discuss the MANY ins and outs of this whole situation. Needless to say, I think we ended up with more questions than answers!

Next, Tommy and Todd discuss the topic of “economic tyranny” and where they believe things are, and are headed for our economy. Entrepreneurs, business owners, and people deeply involved in the business world have yet ANOTHER angle to consider political issues from. What may be good for the average American citizen economically is not always in the best interest of the entrepreneur / business owner. So again, it seems we have a multitude of questions raised here, but Tommy and Todd hash out some pretty strong opinions on our show today.

Lastly, on our MAKIN’ IT or BREAKIN’ IT segment, we have 2 topics at hand. First, GAP apologized for a recent kids campaign labeled “racist” by some on social media. But has political correctness just gone too far? Was this ad really “racist” or is this just another case of a social media wildfire set ablaze unnecessarily?!

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