Can science finally end world hunger with its new technological developments, such as genetically modified salmon? Or are we setting ourselves up for these “Salmon-zillas” to escape one day and kill off (aka eat) all of the (smaller) natural fish?! It may sound like something out of Jurassic Park (or Sharknado…) but this is the current reality we are dealing with!

Next, we discuss the details that are playing out now in the class action suit against Target, which was brought by several banks over the retailer’s massive data breach that occurred at the end of last year. A breach of that magnitude was unprecedented, so it’s unclear who should ultimately be held financially liable. But we discuss all the details currently unfolding surrounding this case.

Next, Tommy + Todd discuss the key metrics of a successful small business. Most people don’t realize that small businesses are a BIG factor in the overall health of our economy. After a cyclical “bubble” bursts causing fallout in a large industry, it’s really the small businesses within the economy, that help pull the entire financial scorecard back up to par. Overall, small businesses help keep the economy resilience, and ultimately, allow it to recover again.

Finally, a legal issue between online gambling giants DraftKings and FanDuel attracted enough attention that the state of Nevada decided to shut them down (in their state) and to re-open, they must start operating under a gambling permit. Is this the beginning of the end for online gambling companies getting away with not paying the same permit fees and taxes that brick and mortar establishments are subjected to? Will more states follow suit?

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