WELCOME to MAKIN’ IT with your ALL-FEMALE lineup of guest hosts this month for #pinkoctober!

Today we start by discussing how over-sharing your PERSONAL BELIEFS can hurt your PUBLIC PERSONA and be BAD for BUSINESS! Some people feel it shouldn’t be this way, and demand to voice their personal opinions. But this is more than a “freedom of speech” issue. There is a time and place to share your personal opinions, and then there’s a point when it becomes BAD FOR BUSINESS! Also, do WOMEN feel extra pressure to hold back what they’re really thinking…because there’s even more scrutiny on you being a woman?! Is this gender bias real or imagined? What can we do to break down this stereotype and stereotyping behavior?

We also touch on the epidemic of fake business people, or as we like to call them, “FAKEPRENEURS”. Have you encountered anyone in this category lately? Learn how to tell if someone is a genuine entrepreneur, and don’t get pulled in and have your time wasted by the FAKES!

Our MAKIN’ IT Success Stories today feature HTC co-founder Cher Wang, and Supermodel turn Entrepreneur Gisele Bundchen. BOTH of these #girlbosses have amazing and inspirational stories so make sure you LISTEN UP!!


Finally, we discuss those new CHIP CARD READERS at checkout, including the breakdown on HOW they help keep your information safe. Did you know that this technology was actually developed for TOP SECRET MILITARY MISSIONS?! You should feel MUCH SAFER after listening to our 411 of chip card readers, even if you still mess it up when using them!

pink-girls-4Thanks for listening to MAKIN’ IT today + stay tuned to hear the #girlbosses host the show for the rest of #pinkoctober!

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