WELCOME to MAKIN’ IT with your ALL-FEMALE lineup of guest hosts this month for #pinkoctober!

We start out the show by discussing the psychology behind collective “bad behavior” in the workplace, and what you can do to avoid this happening in your enterprise. Not only is unethical behavior, well, UNETHICAL, it can easily become a slippery slope to ILLEGAL behavior. Promote a company culture of smart decision makers, not scapegoating followers!

Our MAKIN’ IT Success Stories today feature Sara Blakely and Suzanne Somers. With both of these #girlbosses, we wanted listeners to know that although it may appear their rises to fame and fortune were rapid and direct, they both had lots of obstacles to overcome to turn their entrepreneurial visions into reality.

Lastly, we discuss snacking in the workplace. We cover tasty but healthier options you can choose that will help fuel a productive day, instead of leaving you snoozing face down in a pile of papers!

pink-girls-4Thanks for listening to MAKIN’ IT today + stay tuned to hear the #girlbosses host the show for the rest of #pinkoctober!

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