WELCOME to MAKIN’ IT with your ALL-FEMALE lineup of guest hosts this month for #pinkoctober!

First up, we discuss Kate Hudson’s role as the co-founder of Fabletics, and the attention that her celebrity has brought, not only to the brand, but the spotlight it has created on customer service complaints. The complaints against Fabletics are not very different than those against any subscription e-commerce business, including the parent company JustFab. What is different, is the degree of personal attack and call out of Kate Hudson via social media. Is she being unfairly targeted in this circumstance?

On our MAKIN’ IT SUCCESS STORIES segment today, we feature Arianna Huffington and the story being the creation of The Huffington Post. Most people don’t know that she decided to start the blog that is now known as The Huffington Post after a career failure. We go over all the little known and inspiring details behind her story of MAKIN’ IT!
Arianna Huffington

Finally, we contemplate how you can “have it all”…well…almost it all. You can have everything you want, but, we need to redefine what that means. You have to select the key areas in your life that you want to REALLY be super successful in, and then HAVE IT ALL in those areas. You can’t be all things to all people, and you cannot in reality be a superstar in all areas of life. But you CAN be extremely happy and satisfied and successful overall if you choose what’s most important to you.

Thanks for listening to MAKIN’ IT today + stay tuned to hear the #girlbosses host the show for the rest of #pinkoctober!

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