The TV show ‘American Idol’ has been MASSIVELY successful over the years. But now that the show has ended there’s massive controversy involving a certain ‘Simon’…and it’s not the one you’re probably thinking! Simon Fuller is the original creator of ‘American Idol’ and was set to receive a multi-million dollar payout with the closure of the final season. But bankruptcy filings by Core Media Group have threatened that payday, and Fuller in turned has filed a lawsuit against the organization. Will this Simon get what he’s due?

Today on the MAKIN’ IT Success Profile, we feature Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix. He has an incredible story, that started with an incredible idea, and the transformation of it over the years is a true testimony to what it takes to MAKE IT in any competitive industry. Listen in to hear more about his story of MAKIN’ IT!

And on MAKIN’ IT or BREAKIN’ IT, 123-year-old clothing retailer Abercrombie + Fitch is planning to ditch the SEXY ABS that put the company back on the map in the late ’90s. Will they be able to survive not showing the skin that they’re famous for?


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